#1 Most Dangerous 401k IRA Form

What THEY Don't Want You To Know

Every year the Government uses it to track how much money you have in your Individual Retirement Account.

It’s the #1 most dangerous form to Americans and their retirement savings.

It’s called the 5498 form.

It’s NOT required for your house, or other investments, ONLY your retirement savings.

If you have IRA or 401k accounts you need to know the Government is counting your money.  Their reasons are obvious.

They have destroyed Social Security, Medicare and plundered billions into wasteful programs

There are countless actuaries in Washington who are responsible for keeping track of this money.  They use these numbers to determine how the tax code can be manipulated to get more of the 4o1k money.

Informed Americans are taking action right now to protect their savings from taxes and confiscation.

The history of taxation on Social Security, which was promised as a tax free benefit, should tell you something.

Today there is no Social Security for the Millennial Working Class, and for those who are near retirement, expect the Social Security eligibility age to go higher.

They are hoping more people will die before they have to pay it.

(It’s true.  That is what an actuary does and Washington D.C. employees a lot of them)