Truth Unveiled In Obamacare Failure

There's A Much Bigger Problem

Here’s my thoughts on the failure of the GOP to fix health insurance in America.

To begin, health insurance never needed a fix.

We did not need Obamacare.

The Government needed Obamacare.

The private health insurance system worked well, used as designed.

The problem began when Government decided it needed to take over the health care system in America.

That is when everything changed.

But why would the Government want to encroach on a private system, something created out of freedom, to serve people (those who paid premiums to participate in it)?

The Government had a problem. Like a gambler who can’t stop gambling the Government has mismanaged nearly everything that has to do with money.

It’s greed and corporate influence.

There was a day along time ago, where there was enough money for Social Security, Medicare and other programs.

But what happened to the money that was set aside for these?

For decades, corporate influence in Washington has diverted our tax money into wasteful projects, out of control spending and unnecessary programs. There has been nothing to hold the Washington lawmaker’s feet to the fire.   These are the people who have an unlimited open checkbook against the people of America.

It’s not unlike the financial crisis of 2008.   Where there was leverage upon leverage of a single investment (to keep it simple.)

The problems are serious.

The Federal Government doesn’t want the people to know how bad the finances of our great country really are. There are loans that have been made between programs. It’s called inter government debt. And the debt today is 20 Trillion dollars and keeps on rising. It will be 25 Trillion dollars in just a few years.

Every day that the leaders in Government allow the system to move backward, is another day’s loss of the freedoms those before us sacrificed and gave their lives for.

Those of the greatest generation can understand this the most.

They are the only ones who know, what was, and what is, today. Just ask one, and they will surely tell you with great clarity what is happening.

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