TAXINVISIBLE® Wealth From Rick Bueter

Most Americans are familiar with the tax-deferred asset class where 401ks and IRAs are found. But there is another asset class.

It’s the TAXINVISIBLE® asset class.

The TAXINVISIBLE asset class creates income tax-free wealth that is virtually invisible to the IRS legally.

You can create TAXINVISIBLE Wealth and use it for almost anything. Most people are using it to supplement future retirement income.

TAXINVISIBLE Wealth is not something new, it’s been around for decades. The billionaires know all about it. Now it’s being discovered by Americans who see the writing on the wall concerning taxes.

With 30 trillion dollars in debt, it’s a sure bet the Government is going to increase taxes over the next decade and beyond. The highest marginal income tax bracket was 94 percent back in the 1940s.

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