About Rick Bueter

Rick Bueter is a published best selling author and business owner with over 30 years of research covering taxes, investments and money in America.

His firm provides advanced tax and wealth strategies using IRS Code 7702.  In his latest book titled "Build Your Bunker" he unveils how Americans are rediscovering this section of tax code with a future of higher income taxes and risk filled financial markets. 

Best Selling Author

His most recent book is called BUILD YOUR BUNKER.

The lack of fiscal restraint by the Federal Government has made the retirement savings of Americans a target for tax revenue.

This book presents the non Wall Street account that eliminates future income taxation of money forever. Rick calls these little known accounts “financial bunkers.”  It's the safe and predicatable financial account you have never of heard where hundreds of billions lie quietly escaping income taxes forever.

Rick’s first book is titled The Great Wall Street Retirement Scam – What THEY Don’t Want You To Know About IRAs, 401ks and other plans.  

If you think there might be something wrong with your 401k, this book will open your eyes to what is really behind these Wall Street retirement plans.

It’s a must read for anyone concerned about their retirement savings.

A Witness To The Government Process

Rick Bueter inside the SEC chambers on the day the Bernie Madoff story broke

During his research on the Financial Crisis, Rick was at the Securities and Exchange Building in Washington on December 18, 2008.

That day he found himself standing next to the SEC Chairman at the moment the largest Wall Street broker scam was announced, Bernie Madoff.

It was an eye-opening example of why you cannot trust the Government to protect your money on Wall Street.

At that moment Rick Bueter concluded that someone needed to unveil the great incompetence in the ability of Government to protect Americans personal finances.  That was the inspiration for The Great Wall Street Retirement Scam - What THEY Don't Want You To Know About IRAs, 401k and other plans.

Considering that 90 percent of Americans savings resides in Government sponsored 401k and IRA accounts, it has become painfully clear to many there are serious problems with this system.