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Most of what attracts my attention are the small details in personal finance that can make significant differences.  Areas of finance that are costing Americans huge financial losses they don’t even know are happening.

For example, the average family will pay $500,000 and more over a lifetime in bank interest charges and fees.  The average lifetime fees for a 401k are over $150,000.

That’s a lot of money going to banks and Wall Street!

Most estate plans have serious problems and the IRS is getting rich on American’s lifetime retirement savings.

Massive tax bills on IRAs and Annuities are occurring from a lack of formalized estate planning in this area.  It’s the inheritance income taxes due on these accounts at death.  This estate planning void has enabled the IRS to take advantage of unknowing beneficiaries who are responsible for the taxes due on these accounts.

I created and published The Living Estate Plan For IRAs and Annuities to protect family wealth.  That plan and our unique process provides families with the protection they need.  It’s fills the gap in estate planning living trusts don’t cover.

Is there a better way to grow and protect wealth from the Government?

If you really search and look for answers there is.  I wrote about this in my book Build Your Bunker.

One of the most influential experiences I had with Government, was during the Financial Crisis of 2008.

During that time, I was in Washington doing research at the Securities and Exchange Build.  As I exited the meeting, I found myself standing next to the SEC Chairman at the moment the 50 billion dollar Bernie Madoff scams announced.

Not big news today, but that was a defining moment for me.

Putting that together with the Government’s inability to protect Americans, I wrote The Great Wall Street Retirement Scam.   In that book I unveil the questions most people don’t know to ask when it comes to their 401k.

Looking ahead I see serious fiscal problems in America.

Most people know the Federal Government is broke. Congress’s solution is to continue to steal from the people, their children and grandchildren by raising the debt ceiling.

The interest on that debt as rates move higher is going to end catastrophically.

Government ideas about 401k and IRA savings places have become the target of future taxes. They know how much every American has in their account. Nearly 90 percent of Americans savings is locked up and untouchable in these Government plans.

It is a vicious triangle that has created severe financial problems in America right now.

If you see what I see, it’s time to re-consider the traditional financial planning formula.

It’s time to think outside Government’s ideas about what to do with your money.

Rick Bueter, Founder
Bueter Research