Rick Bueter’s Books and Publications


TAXINVISIBLE® is the asset class that makes money invisible to the IRS. It’s the strategy used by billionaires to eliminate taxes on their money. It’s the greatest secret about money and taxes they don’t want the working class to know about. TAXINVISIBLE® is not just for billionaires, it’s for anyone with substantial financial assets to protect.

The Great Wall Street Retirement Scam

After researching the retirement system during the financial crisis, Rick unveils why the typical Wall Street retirement could never provide the retirement security Americans truly need. It’s the knowledge about money and the 401k retirement system that is being suppressed by large Wall Street firms that’s costing retirement savers years of lost income.


The Federal Government is hiding the truth about how bad the debt crisis is, and what is coming in the form of taxes. For Americans with financial assets to protect, there is only one thing to do. Build a Financial Bunker around them. In this book Rick lays out the section of tax law where the mega rich hold billions of dollars invisible to the IRS.

The Living Estate Plan For IRAs

The taxes coming due on American’s IRAs at death is a shocking surprise for beneficiaries. It’s the beneficiary who is responsible for the income taxes due upon inheritance of tax deferred retirement accounts. Recognizing that living trusts are useless when it comes to managing the taxes, Rick created The Living Estate Plan For IRAs.