Invite Rick To Speak At Your Event

rickbThe banks and Wall Street have turned Americans into financial dependents.  Our children have been put into debt, not just from government spending, but the from the college loans used to pay “for profit” schools held by big Wall Street Firms.  The conservative media continues to beat the same old message.  American’s continue to lose their personal financial freedom.  What’s the answer?

Rick Bueter, provides Americans with a personal action plan.

His message is filled with Tax Freedom, Independence and Peace of Mind.  Something the founders of America would most likely advocate.

Would you like to have a speaker that energizes your audience with empowering information about money, government, and freedom that isn’t coming from the mainstream?  If so, then you have come to the right place.

Rick Bueter can provide your audience with a powerful explanation of how personal freedom is under attack through money in America.  That is good, but not enough.

Rick’s diverse background provides him with a unique understanding of personal finance and tax law that empowers audiences with knowledge about money that can instantly be acted upon at a personal level.  Every person in your audience will walk away with valuable knowledge of how money really works, that will change their perspective and understanding of money and government.

Rick is a popular speaker at events around the country where people are gathered who are concerned about their money and their Freedom.  He believes that in order to be a strong country, we must first begin with financially strong households and a nation of independents, not dependence on government.

You can reach his office through the information on the contact page.