Build Your Bunker

From the time you start working until the time you retire, traditional advice says to save money in a 401k or IRA. When you do that you give up the use, control and liquidity of your money for 40 years or longer.

The cost?

The average household will pay over $500,000 in bank charges, and Wall Street will collect $150,000 and more in fees.

Is there a better way to plan a financial future?

You build a Financial Bunker.

Using a little known section of the IRS code, Build Your Bunker by Rick Bueter unveils how to emancipate money from the income tax system forever.

Advanced financial principles and tax laws are unveiled in this book that ultimately lead to a retirement filled with 100 percent tax-free cash flow.  For those who seek it, a life filled with the independence on banks and Wall Street can even be achieved.

From young Americans to old, there is a strategy for everyone concerned about their financial future, and the protection of their money.

Based on the future of Government debt, and financial market bubbles, everyone in American should have a financial bunker right now.