Financial Meteor To Impact Investors

So here’s what you need to be thinking about when you look at your 401ks, your real estate, your future financial planning.

During 2020 the Fed was buying bonds to put money into the financial system which caused interest rates to fall. All of that is about to change.

Now, they must stop the inflation train.

The Federal Reserve is going to be taking this money out of the banking system through their ability to manipulate and control money. 

They are going to protect the economy from hyperinflation at any cost. 

The Fed is going to now.. sell the bonds they purchased back to same the financial markets they bought them from to manipulate lower interest rates

They are going to sell these bonds at any price. This is important to understand.

Which means even if they paid more for the bonds, they will take losses just to pull the money they printed from thin air out of the banking system. They can do that because they have nothing to lose.

THIS.. is the financial meteor is going devastate Americans financial lives.