Why Taxes Are The Confiscation Of Freedom

The founders of America said you needed three elements to have true freedom. One of those elements is Political Freedom and in todays terms that means taxes. There has never been a time in American history when freedom was being confiscated through the financial system as it is today. The degree Government takes money away […]

The Secure Act Is Not Secure

Dead taxpayers can’t fight. Back in the late part of 2019, the U.S. Government took the first step toward full confiscation of Americans retirement savings.  It happened quietly during the final days of December when nobody was paying attention. The bill was almost 2000 pages in its entirety. Secretly disguised by lawmakers, with the name […]

Biden’s Financial Confiscation Plan

Confiscation is here.  They are going to break the door down. And this is just the beginning. If the Biden tax plan goes through it will be the greatest confiscation of wealth in the history of America.  401k plans, real estate, dividends and interest and even estate’s at death are all being targeted.  Anyone thinking […]