#1 Most Dangerous 401k IRA Form

What THEY Don't Want You To Know

Every year the Government uses it to track how much money you have in your Individual Retirement Account. It’s the #1 most dangerous form to Americans and their retirement savings. It’s called the 5498 form. It’s NOT required for your house, or other investments, ONLY your retirement savings. If you have IRA or 401k accounts […]

IRS Stealth Tax On IRA 401k Savings

What THEY Don't Want You To Know

You will never see this coming… It’s happening to Americans every day who own Government sponsored Individual Retirement Accounts, 401ks and others. It could happen to you tomorrow. The IRS is quietly and legally taking up to 50 percent and more of the value of American’s IRA and 401k plans. This is not a scam, […]

Financial Assets Targeted Now

To most people, the words financial confiscation seem mystical, or what you might read about in a book.  But if have have ever spoken to someone who remembers the gold confiscation, you will quickly understand how our government can operate. Most economists would agree that keeping total public debt-to-GDP levels below 60% is manageable and […]