Fed Puts 401k Savers At Risk

We already know the stock market has experienced large gains.

The real estate market has experienced historic year over year gains as well.

But there is one market that manipulates all of this. 

It’s the money market. 

That market is controlled and manipulated by The Federal Reserve.  

Now the Fed is neither Federal or a Reserve, and is not a U.S. Government entity. But that is for another day.

This is the chart you never see in the mainstream media.

This is the chart of the money market. 

This is the chart from the Federal Reserve that shows the amount of money in the banking system.

Do you see the giant spike here. 

Never before has this been seen by economists. 

The Fed has increased the amount of money in the banking system almost 500 percent in just over 12 months.

This is a historic increase that has never happened before in the history of the Federal Reserve.

This is the kind of money supply increase you would see right before hyperinflation happens, where gas costs 25 dollars a gallon, and a loaf of bread 15 dollars.

But here’s what I want to share that almost nobody sees.

This is going to have a massive negative effect on everything financial.

It’s going to be like a meteor were to hit the financial markets.

The federal reserve is looking at this peak and saying we have to get things back to where they were.

We need to stop this crazy train and protect the financial system from hyperinflation. 

The reason they are going to stop the inflation is this.

We know from history, that governments who accelerate into hyperinflation, they fail. 

Folks, that means we are headed in the direction of the U.S. Government ceasing to exist. 

Some of you are probably saying we are already headed there.