Why Taxes Are The Confiscation Of Freedom

The founders of America said you needed three elements to have true freedom. One of those elements is Political Freedom and in todays terms that means taxes. There has never been a time in American history when freedom was being confiscated through the financial system as it is today.

The degree Government takes money away from you (taxes), equals the degree to which you have fewer choices. The degree you have fewer choices equals a lower standard of living. A lower standard of living equals less Freedom.

The personal income tax system is made complicated on purpose. The rules and forms are designed to extract as much tax as possible from the individual. The forces behind its complexity are the financial and corporate cartels who have an interest in the tax money the people send to Washington. There is massive manipulation of the tax laws just to serve their interests. In fact, much of what becomes tax law is actually written by the lobbyists hired by the cartel.