Americans With Financial Assets Face Huge Risk

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To most people, the words financial confiscation seem mystical, or what you might read about in a book.  But if have have ever spoken to someone who remembers the gold confiscation, you will quickly understand how our government can operate. Most economists would agree that keeping total public debt-to-GDP levels below 60% is manageable and […]

Public Retirement Plans Uncertain


As if American retirees need another risk to worry about but now a research organization is forecasting that up to 85 percent of all public pension plans could fail in the next 30 years.  If you are like most retiree’s, your pension is your Freedom and your key to sustaining your life until the end. […]

Government Planning Attack on 401k IRA ERISA Savings

Obama Coming After 401k IRA Svings

If you own retirement assets like IRAs, 401ks or other plans that fall under ERISA, beware.  At this moment the government is putting together a plan to expedite the transfer of those savings from you to them.  There is no question THEY want the money, and are looking for every way to get it without […]

Are 401k Plans A Financial Scam?

60Minutes Steve Kroft

Are 401k retirement plans a financial scam?  If you have been putting money in these plans over the last 10 years the question might have crossed your mind. Just recently CBS News 60Minutes reporter Steve Kroft did another great job of unveiling Wall Street truths in his interview with Michael Lewis about his new book […]