We Are In A Perilous Place

Sooner or later a recession is coming.

An overnight collapse is coming.   David Stockman is the former budget director for President Ronald Reagan.  He knows numbers and he knows Washington politics very well.  His perspective is black and white.  It’s what politicians don’t want Americans to know, and what they don’t want to talk about much in public.  Both the Democrats […]

Obama Taxes Targeting Greatest Generation

Obama Tax Plan 2015

The money must come from somewhere and we are seeing a glimpse of how desperate they are going to get in Washington. Two weeks ago, President Obama was talking about a tax on 529 plans.  Those are the Government sponsored solutions to fund a college education.  The idea is that money put in a 529 plan, […]

96 Percent – Obama’s Massive Tax Plan

American taxpayers take beware.  Congress is back in session.  It’s been a while since the discussion about the debt ceiling has taken place in Washington.  The truth is, nobody there really wants to talk about it, let alone do anything about it.  It just makes for bad politics because politics is all about getting money […]