About Rick Bueter

Rick BueterAmericans pay too much in taxes,  banks are committing massive fraud and Wall Street is quietly skimming years of retirement income out of 401k savers.

In the last 100 years there have been over 10,000 bank failures, and hundreds of billions lost on Wall Street.

What’s the common element? Banks and Wall Street are both regulated by the Federal Government.

Everything we have been told about money is designed for one thing.

To make Americans dependent.  Dependent on the banks, dependent on Wall Street, and dependent on Government.

Unveiling The Curtain Behind Money, Taxes and Retirement In America.

Rick is a published best selling author and business owner with 30 years of research covering taxes, investments, and money in America.   His mission is to unveil the real truth about the collusion between the Federal Government, Wall Street and the commercial banks.

His unique Wall Street background  has provided powerful insights.

Primarily, the insight to what really goes on behind the Wall Street curtain.  Specifically, what the elite wealthy do with their own money.  In both cases Americans would find the answers shocking and empowering.

Witness Of Massive Government Incompetence

Rick SEC Chambers

Ironically Rick was in Washington D.C. inside the Chambers of the Securities and Exchange Commission on the day the story of the greatest Wall Street scam in history broke: Bernie Madoff.

Here in this picture you can see Rick standing behind the Chairman of the SEC as he explains to the news media how the SEC managed to overlook a financial scam of historic proportion.  Here is a link to watch the video on Youtube.

At that moment he concluded that someone needed to unveil the great incompetence in the ability of Government to protect Americans personal finances.

Considering that 90 percent of Americans savings resides in Government sponsored 401k and IRA accounts, it has become painfully clear to many there are serious problems with this system.

THEY Don’t Want You To Know – There’s Another System That Guarantees Retirement Security

It’s in the best interest of Wall Street, Banks and the Federal Government to withhold information about money in America.

In 2010, Rick published an expose on the short comings of Government sponsored retirement plans like the IRA and 401k.3D_the_great_wall_street_retirement_scam-2

In his best selling book The Great Wall Street Retirement Scam Rick unveils what Wall Street and The Government are hiding and why the typical 401k plan could never provide the system of retirement Americans truly need.

If Americans knew the real truth about what’s behind the system, nobody would ever put money there.

Confiscation and The Coming Financial Crisis


It’s time to build “Financial Bunkers.”

His newest book “Build Your Bunker” presents the realities of the fiscal crisis the country and the people of America are facing right now.

Every American with financial assets to protect will find this book, valuable, informative and empowering.