4 Most Powerful Words In Retirement

The great misunderstanding about 401ks is that there is no predetermined retirement income benefit. When you reach retirement, there is no specific dollar amount that you will receive as a pension guaranteed for life. What you will receive as a retirement income is a complete mystery. Look at any Wall Street 401k brochure and see […]

Best Time To Get A 401k Out Of The Markets

What THEY Don't Want You To Know

They will never tell you. First of all, if you did take your money out, THEY, the mutual fund companies would lose all the fees. Secondly, it’s not their responsibility to tell you when to take your money out.  So they will never tell you in either good times or bad what you should do. […]

Why The Wealthy Buy Whole Life Insurance

There is a renaissance going on with life insurance in America. It’s coming from individuals with financial wealth who seek to protect their money from the Government and look to diversify from the volatility and uncertainty of Wall Street. They are doing it with dividend paying permanent whole life insurance.  It’s the kind of life […]