There is a reason the wealthiest people in the world pay zero income taxes. They are informed. They seek out the free space in the tax code. The free space is where there are no tax laws written around certain movements and places to hold money. There is nothing illegal about it. An American judge, […]

Federal Reserve Action To Hit Retirement Savers

So here’s how the meteor, let’s call it The Fed Crash is going to affect American’s wealth. Bond investors are going to experience massive losses. When interest rates rise the value of bonds goes down. If you own bonds or bond mutual funds, expect to see substantial declines in the value.  If you need to […]

Financial Meteor To Impact Investors

So here’s what you need to be thinking about when you look at your 401ks, your real estate, your future financial planning. During 2020 the Fed was buying bonds to put money into the financial system which caused interest rates to fall. All of that is about to change. Now, they must stop the inflation […]

How Safe Is Your Financial Plan?

A massive wave of new taxes is coming. The Government is targeting high income earners and those with larger investment portfolios and retirement savings. Over the next decade and beyond the Government will continue to take more money through the elimination of deductions, higher marginal rates, and excise taxes. The 30 Trillion dollar Government debt […]

Fed Puts 401k Savers At Risk

We already know the stock market has experienced large gains. The real estate market has experienced historic year over year gains as well. But there is one market that manipulates all of this.  It’s the money market.  That market is controlled and manipulated by The Federal Reserve.   Now the Fed is neither Federal or […]